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35 thoughts on “Socialize

    don’t try this!
    Once,one of my friends had to format her computer to cure it of a viral infection[ or,an attack of affected files.There is no clear indication of what she did,but for all I know, she took out the RAM and ROM wires out of the CPU,[whose back can be opened by a screwdriver] rubbed it with an eraser only to get a computer as good as new.[can you see what i mean?]
    Now,I do not know whether this really works[do you?] and I refuse to be liable for any damage incurred by following my friend’s footsteps

  2. I would just like to add a word here. I have thought of requesting for a ‘Special Mention Of The Person With The Most Number Of Correct Quiz Answers’. I hope that you will participate. And a last word, it is not easy for me to always think up a new word weekly.

    • I am sorry to add this comment [hopefully the last this week]. My I.S.P. is the notorious BSNL (where three days of connectivity is alternated by five weeks of isolation) . So, if you don’t see a question posted on time do not consider me as a shirker. Also do not rejoice ,thinking that you have temporary respite from my pestering ,for as sure as the Sun rises ,I will back when connectivity resumes ,with enough questions to compensate for my absence.

      • I am sorry to have kept you waiting for so long-but I had to do it for a poor internet connection

  3. Guten Abend.
    I am certain that you can recognise the language and I think that you know the meaning of this phrase. If you are annoyed with me for not using English and ask me the reason for the same, I will annoy you further by saying that though English is the world language, it is not the only important language in the world.
    So I have thought of introducing such important phrases [in the six in the languages recognized by the UN] used in international diplomacy.
    Today I will give you a word, and give you its meaning and usage next week. You are welcome to try and give an answer.
    The Word:
    P.S. a request for turning this into a weekly quiz feature has been dispatched.
    P.P.S. I look forward for active participation
    P.P.P.S. do answer

  4. Sohini please upload the topic for mun and when is it going to be held.please before the puja vacations

  5. Can anyone tell me about the timings, dress code…………..etc. etc…………for the orientation of St.Thomas mun on the 29th of Jun????……………its next saturday……plz…………….

    • i am the delegate of Australia in the security council……….who r the othrs participating and for which country???

  6. we can discuss about the security of citizens relating to 26/11 & the recent blast in Hyderabad

  7. delegates!!!!!!!!!!!!! we as Sec Gen’s would like u all to suggest some topics for MUPA. now u will b wondering what is MUPA? it is same as MUN but here we debate on national issues instead of international issues. we will pick out a topic out of the ones that u have suggested and we will putforth our views through this blog. Meanwhile your MUN classes at school will soon resume.
    Most probably after the summer vacations.

  8. great to see people of dds taking interest in mun.I missed the last mun but really enjoyed the first mun.SPECIAL THANKS TO ABHISHEK DA FOR CRATING THIS BLOG

  9. Thanks a lot,Abhishek Da for creating this blog! This has made our ‘MUN task’ all the more easy. We hope to improve our efforts in the MUN sessions to come since this site will serve as an open forum as the students and ex-students come up with new ideas and information and assist us in our work.We,all the present students of Dolna, will try to put in our level best so as to make the press more interactive with the MUNners,extend the present MUN team and make the oncoming yearly/half-yearly MUN sessions eternal at will surely go on forever and ever.. or so as we hope it to be..

  10. Thanks Abhishek da for this blog.It will help everyone to communicate with each other even during holidays and we will also be able to hear the non-munners and can also communicate with them.Thus I hope it will serve to increase our mun team

  11. Abhisekh da ,thank you for creating this blog for us.I will also like to thank the delegates ,the the new sect gens the executive board ,the logistics and also you for coming to see our mun.In this years mun I was unable to see the pres participating much.After the mun I had asked many of my friends how they liked the session .Most of them told me that they could not understand anything and thus could not act as the pres.This sight will help the members of the pres to learn about the various procedures of mun and I hope that next time we the delegates will be actively supported by the pres.

  12. Abhishek da, thank you so much for creating this blog. I hope it will help in increasing the size of our MUNning team………..and make MUNning easier for everyone

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