Some guidelines users and visitors are expected to follow:

1. Be respectful of others at all times.

2. Do not make inappropriate comments; they will be removed promptly and stern action will be taken. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say something in person, don’t say it here.

3. If you wish to follow this blog and become a Follower, enter your email ID under the ‘Follow Us’ section or hit ‘Register’ and follow the instructions given. When you sign up, make sure you just click the option (in small blue letters on the right) to ‘sign up for just a username’. Being a member of the Dolna Day MUN team is not a necessity; however, you must be a Follower on this blog in order to make comments. If you are not a student or ex-student of Dolna Day School, please refrain from making a request. Users from other schools may be accepted on further notice.

4. For users not acquainted with the user ranking hierachy followed at, our host site, please refer to:

Do not ask to be given a higher ranking. Students of Dolna Day School are designated followers and members of the MUN team are designated Contributors. An individual who displays consistent leadership and responsibility may be designated an Author. Senior members of the MUN team (such as Secretary Generals) are designated Editors. You cannot be an Administrator, for obvious reasons.

5. Typically, only Contributors i.e members of the MUN team can make posts on the home page. However, any registered user is allowed to make comments on a post or a page. (Note: The difference between a post and a page is that posts appear on the main page and are not permanently stationed there, whereas pages are permanent and appear on the menu bar on your screen. Only Editors and Administrators can make pages.) If a Contributor would like to bring something related to MUNning to everybody’s notice, they may post on the home page. However, since a Follower can only comment, but not post, it is advised that Followers having something useful to contribute should email an Administrator or Editor to get a post up. After all, everyone’s voice deserves to be heard!

6. If you want to discuss something not related to MUNning, do not, I repeat, do not, post on the home page. If you make a post on the home page not related to improvement of the blog/team or about MUNning in general. Nobody wants to see Lionel Messi or Priyanka Chopra on the front page of a blog dedicated to MUNning. We have the ‘Socialize’ page for that. Follow the instructions on the ‘Socialize’ page to get a new topic for discussion up here. Furthermore, if you have a question, make a comment on the ‘Help’ page and we will try to address your question in due time. Don’t make posts to ask questions on the home page.

7. You are advised not to make more than one post on the home page (unless it’s something urgent, but it’s best to contact an Editor or Administrator first) or request for a topic on the ‘Socialize’ page per week. There is no limit on the number of comments you make anywhere on the site, but please don’t spam or plagiarize.

6. Have fun!

Rules subject to change without notice.


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