Tips for next MUN


The Last MUN was really a success for our MUN club.If anyone had thought that this MUN would’nt be so successful as the previous one,without Abishek da then he was proved wrong by our new sect-gens.This shows how devoted Abishek da was in his work and how much well he had trained us.Although I just said that this last MUN was a success but according to me two things would have made it even more successful.First of all the last MUN could have been much more successful if instead of 3 delegates 2 had represented each country( I know  that it had been done because of lack of time).Other than this problem there’s another problem that we have been facing from beginning that is the participation of the press(audience or the students).In the MUN before the previous one only a few  members of the press participated and the same thing happened even in the last MUN.Then when Abishek da prepared the blog I had thought that at least now many of the members of the press would become interested in MUN .But even then most of the members do not follow this blog (members who have access to the Internet).After some days I had asked many of my friends to follow our blog but they replied that they  only like to chat with their friends via the facebook and do not have any interest in MUN.The two that I can think of to solve the problem are:1) some students have to be made interested in MUN so as to take part as members of the press and,2)Only teachers and some interested students should take part as the members of the press.I would also like other to share their opinion on this matter.To do so click on ‘leave a reply ‘and put forward your opinion.

Soumik Sarkar  VIII