Finally gonna re-start!!!

Gladly announcing the recommencing of our MUN practices from Monday, 22/07/2013, during the lunch breaks. These will be weekly meetings. And this time , besides all old munners we have planned to include students from classes VI and VII. Our present sec-gens thought it necessary to include juniors from now on, and they already have a long list of names to choose from.

Having said that, I would like to tell you about forming a MANAGEMENT BOARD for our MUN which would include 8-10 senior members. Its main purpose will be to train the new MUNners, make all necessary arrangements  such as placards,mike etc. before a MUN session to avoid any unnecessary time waste on the day of the MUN(take into consideration what happened in the last MUN).

We have already spoken to Nilanjana di and she has given us the permission to form the board. Madhumitadi has given us a valuable advice -to include the ex-MUNners of our school. I think that will help us a great deal!! The members of the board will be soon decided upon.

Now, let the Mondays be MUNdays!!!


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