Delegates, this time the topic of the MUN is ALL INDIA MEET OF 1944. I”LL upload the portfolios even though you know. WE are going to have this MUN in September after the 9th. The date will be confirmed to you soon by either of the Sec-Gens. Till then you have the time to prepare. The Conference Handbook will be up on the blog by Tuesday.


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  1. Where is the conference handbook???? Is it up on the blog yet?? The sooner we get to know about the date for the MUN the better, because the management board needs time to make the badges etc. So please hurry up dear sec-gens!!!!!

    • The handbook is evidently not on the blog yet. Your present Sec-Gen has…erm…certain technical disabilities, apparently. Delegates, slap some sense into your Sec-Gens and make them wake up already!

      • the slaps are not working…..seems as if the sec-gens have forgotten about this blog. Anyway the puja vacations are going to begin. So we do not have any other option than to have it after the pujas.

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