Note For All MUNners

MUNners, with school back in session, there are a few things of importance which you should take note of. Firstly, most of you have not actually signed up to be Contributors. Members of the MUN team are expected to do this by clicking on ‘Follow Blog’ on the right hand side of the main page, following which you will receive an invitation to contribute on the blog. Some of you have already done this, but the majority have either not made an appearance on the blog yet or have not accepted the invitation I have sent out.

Now, you might be wondering why it’s important to be a Contributor, seeing as this blog looks very empty at the moment and has not been updated since my last post. Simply put, being a Contributor gives you the power to make posts on the main page (like the one you are now reading), enabling you to keep this blog looking fresh with new content. Your posts will basically enable everyone to know how you feel this blog and this team can be improved. Suggestions for future MUNs, or tips in general should also be put forward through your posts. If you have become a Contributor, then you can post on the main page by clicking on ‘New Post’ in the overhead black bar. Note that non-members of the MUN team cannot become Contributors, but they can still follow the blog in the same manner as specified above. We would invite non-members of the MUN team to put forward their thoughts as well by asking some other member of the MUN team to post about it, with due acknowledgement to the person who makes such a suggestion.

That being settled, I would also like to comment on the use of the Socialize page, which is not being used in an organised manner at the moment. It is probably not very clear to you how it is supposed to be used, so I will elaborate. Say you want to talk about something in general. If you see that there is no appropriate sub-page under ‘Socialize’ pertaining to general/miscellaneous topics (as of now, no such sub-page exists because nobody has asked for it), then you may request an Editor or Administrator to make a ‘General’ page under the Socialize page, where anybody wanting to talk in general about something will be able to write comments there. (Was that last statement too ‘general’?) In a similar manner, if you wanted to talk about sports, request for a ‘Sports’ page under Socialize. However, if you notice that such a sub-page already exists, don’t request for another page, just comment in the relevant place. This might sound cumbersome to you, but it will make it easier for everyone to understand what is being discussed if the topics are segregated in this manner, rather than everything being under one page, which will become confusing when there are a lot of random comments flying about. Note that in no way is commenting a substitute for posting. If you have a great idea, don’t comment — post!

Apologies for the long monologue again. I would like to put up something interesting for you guys to talk about for the time being. Here’s the topic: What do you think the topic for the next MUN should be? To answer this question, sound off in the comments below by clicking ‘Leave a Reply’ at the bottom of this post, or clicking on the speech bubble at the top of this post. After we get a lot of topics, I will set up a poll for everybody to vote on the best ideas. Who knows, your topic could be seriously considered for upcoming MUNs at Dolna (bragging rights attached)!

Till next time, Decorum Delegates!

-Dilapidated Sec Gen

EDIT: I should have mentioned that once a delegate writes up a post, it is sent to an Administrator or Editor for review, who approves and subsequently publishes it. Read Soumik Sarkar’s post for reference.


3 thoughts on “Note For All MUNners

  1. As I had said to Soumik we could have the same people representing same countries working on different committees and topics on same day. Perhaps Security council [past-Sudan civil war over formation of South Sudan] UNESCO[over protection of Sonar Kella] UNICEF on[child soldiers,Africa] ECOSOC[ on the Eurozone crisis with special respect to Greece] FAO[Somalia famine] ILO[the garment factory workers Bangladesh] WHO[eradication of polio] UNDP[prevention of the Brazil Amazon clearing] Gen Ass[Boston marathon bombing] could all happen on the same day. This would test versatility and fulfil the objective of testing whether students can act under pressure.[On the last note all committees should not be held on same day.

  2. Abhishek! Thanx a lot for creating this blog! As for the topics,I have the following in my mind:
    1.Politicizing Sarabjit Singh’s death
    3.Democracy- a myth in India
    4.’The Last Bus Ride’

    • Your suggestions are definitely very good, although the scope of the first topic could probably be widened. Feel free to add to this list when you like, and I hope that others will do the same. This blog needs more activity, people!

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