Welcome. If you are compatible with history, you have come to the wrong place.
But I digress. For the past few months, I’m sure all of you have been doing one of the following:
1. Observing with interest the progress of Dolna Day School’s Model United Nations (MUN) team, or
2. Feel that this entire undertaking was just an enormous waste of energy, or
3. Have no idea what on earth MUNning is, although you heard some ‘MUN team’ was started at Dolna, or
4. MUN? Monkeys’ Union of Nigeria? Are you delusional? (Where have you been?)
Well, I’m here to dispel all this confusion. This is the one stop site for you to get the latest information on what’s going on in Dolna Day School’s Model United Nations (MUN) Team, hosted on WordPress.com. Whether you’re a MUNner or just a spectator, this is the place to interact and share anything about the team.
If you’re new to the site, you can start by checking out the various pages avaiable in the overhead bar. People new to MUNning or MUNners requiring a copy of papers distributed can refer to the Resources page.
Wait! Don’t close your browser yet. Take five minutes to register yourself as a follower of this blog – just enter your email id under ‘Follow Us’ on the right and hit ‘Become a Follower’ (Alternatively, you can click Register in the Options section, but make sure you select ‘sign up for just a username’ (in small blue letters) on the subsequent page in either case- you will find this on the right hand side). Then follow the instuctions on screen. Becoming a follower allows you to make comments on this blog, as long as you are a student or ex-student of Dolna Day School. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your identity sometime later (please have patience!), after which you will be able to make comments on any post or page (Pages are like permanent posts, seen in the overhead bar). Please don’t make comments until you’ve replied to this email, but do not reply to the automated email from WordPress.com, but to the email from me. This link is a useful resource to get acquainted with some terms: http://www.likoma.com/a-simple-wordpress-glossary/
Now that you’ve done that, head over to the Rules page and give it a thorough reading. If you are a member of the MUN team, you will be promoted to a Contributor, allowing you to make posts like the one you’re now reading. Contributors can do this by clicking ‘New Post’ in the upper right or by going through the options available by clicking on the WordPress ‘W’ in the upper right. Followers can only comment, but can still get their ideas across to a larger audience by asking an Administrator or Editor to make a post in their stead.
Apologies for the long wall of text, or in blogging lingo: tl;dr(look it up)! If you scrolled to the end of it, please start reading from the beginning. That’s like a teacher skimming through your answer script and giving you half the marks you deserved because she just ‘wasn’t interested’. Thanks.
I would hope that this undertaking becomes a grand success. As former Secretary General and founder of this blog, I declare munwithdds.wordpress.com to be officially open!
-Abhishek Biswas a.k.a The Dilapidated Sec Gen

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